We help integrate Text analytics capabilities into your custom solution deployed on premises or on the cloud

We will run your test data through multiple models and Text analytics platforms, and compare the results to identify the model with highest precision rate, and the platform that can produce results quickly and with minimal costs.
When your application requires increased accuracy for industry or domain-specific taxonomies that existing platforms cannot provide, we'll look into customizing open source libraries to produce the desired results.

Work with us

Consulting Services for Text analytics

We work with you to define the project scope, and select the platforms and tools that can guarantee the best results at the lowest cost.

We define the solution high level architecture, and set the actionable plans for implementing it.

Professional Services

We help integrate Text analytics capabilities provided by Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft or Open source libraries into your solution.

Our developers implement the application workflow from extracting and preparing the data and the models, to presenting the discovered insights through a User Interface running in a web browser, or creating reports, visualization graphs and images.

Maintenance after your solution is deployed

Once your solution is deployed, we help load data or re-train models and fine tune any custom rules.

Cloud hosting of your solution

We create accounts with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM cloud computing or Microsoft Azure, setup all required services and deploy your application functions.